Inspired by the most beautiful places on Earth started our activities, all day, mixing colors, stones, pearls and textures to create unique jewelry ...

About Byzance
Byzance is a handmade jewelry manufacturer from Brazil that was founded in 1988 in the city of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Throughout all these years the company was modeling profile to fit the needs of domestic and foreign markets.
In 1999, the company headquarters was moved to Rio de Janeiro. In Wonderful Town, the meeting of the sea with the Atlantic, inspires a new concept of jewelry for the third millennium.
In 2005, Byzance inaugurates its new headquarters. Our facilities today are designed so that much of the manufacturing process is developed within the company.

We create innovative pieces and an exclusive design that make clothes and styles.

Interfere in making the image of the feminine woman wearing a "piece Byzance," attractive.

The endless possibilities of mixed colors, shapes and textures give the character a unique jewel Byzance.

Our Products
Our pieces have high standards being all handmade composed by natural stones, freshwater pearls mixed with Gold 18k or Silver 925.
For some collections, we use leather, wood, straw ... always associated with fashion trends.

Fairs and Events
Byzance has participated in major shows and national and international exhibitions, including:

Feninjer - São Paulo
FashionRio - AJORIO
Éclat de Mode - Bijorhca - Paris
Excalibur - Rio de Janeiro - Hotel Windsor
JIS Miami - Miami Beach, Florida
Ajorsul - Gramado RS
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Stones and Pearls transformed into art...
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